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Flash Drive For Android Phone manufacturers



Our History
DM Life Technology Co.,ltd founded in Shenzhen,China in 2014, we are a professional storage products supplier.
Our Factory
With 2000 square meter factory, Our R&D department is consisted of ID (Industrial Designer), MD (Mechanical Designer), Electronic Designer and Tuner. Every detail of development, from marketing to ID to MD to product quality, is refined by repeatedly discuss and examination to make sure the products are the best both in performance and price.
Our Product
We Specializes in designing and manufacturing storage products and mobile accessories: Fingerprint USB, MFI iPhone USB, WIFI USB, Android OTG USB, USB2.0 &USB3.0, Hubs, Solid State Drive, memory card and Type-C Adapters etc.
Product Application
Our products suit for computer, laptop, notebook, smart phones.
Our Certificate
1. DM Obtained " Hi-tech Enterprise" by the Science, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Commission of Shenzhen Municipality in 2016
2. DM obtained "Certificate of intellectual property management system" in 2018
3&4. DM obtained "Patent for utility models" " Design patent certification" for Mfi lighting USB flash drives in 2015
5. DM obtained "Design patent certification" for all of our private models
Production Equipment
We has: 120 testing computer, 4 copy machine, 5 laser printing machine,1 Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, 2 hot press machines,4 packing mashines.
Production Market
DM is a famous brand in China for storage products, we has achieved great success in China market. The success is based on very good understand of market, unique product design and good quality products with very nice prices. Beside China market, we are developing overseas market to offer our good products and service over 30 nations. So no matter you are wholesaler, distributer or dealer, no matter you need OEM or ODM, or if you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us and advise your requests, we will find the joint and opportunities to be of service to you.
Our Service
We offer 1 year to 3 years warranty based on different products, we replace the RMA by a new product so you can sell it again.Flash Drive For Android Phone manufacturers

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